Henric De La Cour - Worthless Web is now sold out!Lucifer's Aid hints of the old era of Dive, The Klinik and Noisex. With the release New To Reality, you can get your industrial EBM fix.Are you ready for a brand new album release from SPARK! ? We are ready, and they deliver.Time to pre-order your copy of the new release from the legendary Swedish synthpop artist SaftPreorder your copy of the first USB release from Progress Production. Wulfband's 'Mann An Mann An Mann' is now available for your enjoyment.We are extremely proud to start the new year to present you our latest artist, the Swedish duo HAUL. It's time to pre-order their album 'Seperation'! Comes as both 2CD and Vinyl.Swedish body with a taste of catchy melodies. You want it? We have it. Prepare for Nattskiftet.Pre-order this re-release of the classic 'Irish Recording Tape' by Agent Side Grinder. Released in a beautiful green vinyl LP.
Vanligt Folk video prescreening today!
Vanligt folk - 7th March 2013

PSL / Swedish Television are prescreening the video for Vanligt Folk's "Idioter Av Församlingen". You can check it out at the link below.

SVT / PSL Homepage
Progress Productions gives away free 15-track compilation.
Progress - 24th January 2013

We are currently offering everyone that "likes" their Facebook page a free 15 track compilation holding tracks from Kite, Necro Facility, System, Henric de la Cour, Dupont, Cryo and Red Cell among others. The compilation comes with full downloadable artwork.

Label manager Torny Gottberg says:
"This is a way for us to repay all the faithful followers in the scene, without the listeners we are nothing. Keep supporting the alternative!!!"

Progress Productions Facebook
Progress artists nominated for Manifest Awards 2013
Progress - 8th January 2013

The nominations for Manifest Awards 2013 is now offical. Progress has three acts nominated for this alternative swedish grammy awards. SPARK!, Cryo and Kingdom Of Evol feat. Freddie Wadling.

Click here to see the complete list of nominations
New video from Titans out now!
Titans - 3rd January 2013

Brand new video from Titans for the track "Dried Out". Check it out, enjoy and share!

Limited Russian release of SoundSequence in stock!
SoundSequence - 2nd January 2013

The Russian release of SoundSequence "Top Of The Mountain 1997-2012" only limited to 500 handnumbered copies. We have managed to get a very limited stock of this release holding early pre-Cryo material. SoundSequence was already introduced on the Born/Evolve/Progress///3 compilation. But finaly here is a real compliation with all the early material from Martin Rudefelt. Released in Russia under exclusive licence from Progress Productions. Order now. Stock is Limited.

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