Angst - Tar Ner Skylten

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In stock 30th July 2014

01. Välj
02. Klasskamp
03. Konstant
04. Samma saker
05. DDR
06. Underbar
07. Vin Blod Sex Mod
08. Krav
09. Sanning
10. Rädda barn
11. Står still
12. Utfärd
Henrik Björkk strong leading front figure of legendary Old-school Swedish EBM act Pouppée Fabrikk is back with his new project ANGST. Henrik is known for all his projects but with ANGST he really focus on Old-school EBM in the same veins as early DAF and similar which will leave no fans of this genre disappointed. ANGST is also Henrik´s first work in Swedish. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. A must for the pure Old-school EBM fans!