Lucifer's Aid - Human Rights
Was released 1st September 2017
Industrial, EBM

Last year Lucifer's Aid hit the harsh industrial EBM world like a bomb! The harsh driving rhythms, haunting aggressive vocals and with a production not seen before. During 2017 the band has played three(!) major festivals in Germany to follow up the debut album. Wave Gothik Treffen, Amphi Festival and now in September the NCN Festival. He also played Electronic Winter and is confirmed to perform at Progress Productions big yearly party in November.

Just before hitting the festivals mastermind Carl Nilsson released the limited edition EP "Control Yourself" that became a favorite on the alternative dance floors directly. Now it's time to unleash the second album "Human Rights". Ten straight forward no bullshit tracks that will come at you full force. Lucifer's Aid brings new live and energy into a scene that many thought had past it's due date a long time ago. For all fans of old school harsh EBM/Industrial. This is THE album of the year for you!
01. Deny
02. Future Mess
03. Control Yourself
04. Lack Of Motion
05. The Warning
06. Confusion
07. The Great Wall
08. Ride
09. Fractions
10. Dead Anger