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Progress Productions announce signing of Daily Planet
Progress - 15th January 2014

We are very proud to bring onboard one of the absolute finest old classic synthpop acts Sweden has ever had. Welcome to the Progress-family Daily Planet. Many of you may remember the classic release "The Tide" released a long time ago via Energy Rekords with hits like "Milky Way" and "Radioactive Love". Their fantastic electronic pop quickly made them popular all over Europe. After this only one album the band parted ways. Now 2014 Jarmo Ollila (who you all have known from Mr Jones Machine) and Johan Baeckström is back together. The machines are rolling again and the music is better than ever before.

A new single is in the making and the album will be out in the end of summer, beginning of the autumn. They are also already booked and cofirmed for the festival Electronic Summer which takes place in Göteborg.
Progress Productions presents Delayklinken "Air"
Delaykliniken - 26th November 2013

Delaykliniken is a Stockholm-based trio with members Mikael Fyrek, Johan Svenson and Max Sokoleski and they have been around for a while. But now finally they are ready to debut with their emotion filled electronic pop music. The first single is called "Air" and is released today via all the digital platforms and as a video via YouTube. The band is currently
working on material for a full-length release during 2014.

Watch it on YouTube
Listen to it on Spotify
Nexus Kenosis about to release Further
Nexus Kenosis - 26th June 2013

It's been a year since Nexus Kenosis delivered the harsh and hard hitting debut "Elsewhen". Now they return with "Further" which shows a new side of this interesting project. Based on the concept of interstellar connections between different inhabitants of the known universe and the principles of primal emotional response, this album should be considered an epilogue to the forthcoming album that currently is being recorded. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of a female voice by the ever fascinating Labanna Babalon.

With "Further" mastermind Henrik Nordvargr Björkk & co proves that Nexus Kenosis NEVER stands still. It´s always in motion finding ways to express art.

Progress Productions proudly gives you "Further". Say goodbye to reason, let the journey begin.
World premier for the video "Dance Again"
Kite - 23rd May 2013

We have a world premier ladies and gentlemen! At SVT/PSL you are now able to see Kite's new video for the song "Dance Again", taken from their brand new EP 'V'. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Video for "Kite - Dance Again" on SVT/PSL
Progress releases limited 10" with Martin Sköld (Kent)
Progress - 12th March 2013

Progress Productions will release a very limited edition 10" with Martin Sköld (known from Swedish band Kent) called "The Fire Is On Me!" on Record Store Day 20th April 2013. The 10" will hold four fantastic tracks of electronic music and a stunning artwork signed Jesper Waldersten. The EP has been mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Göteborg.

Martin Sköld on Wikipedia

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